Information On Delivering your Puppy
Other Options

We can meet or deliver your puppy
We would love all our families to be able to come here and pick up their puppies however that is not always possible.  
Because of this we offer several options for families that live far away to get a puppy from us.

Personal Delivery

We have recently switched over to flying our puppies to their new families.  This is easier and safer for our puppies.  My Husband or I will meet you at the largest airport near you.  The puppies stay with us the entire time on the plane and we get meet all the wonderful families that get our babies.   The cost is normally $650 extra.  The smaller airport are normally $650-$850.  

If you would like us to meet you in Chicago, you will need to add the delivery fee ($250).  We are 3 hours from Chicago.  Sometimes even with the delivery fee the cost is cheaper to fly into Chicago than it is to fly into Moline (small airport).  

Other Options                

We are willing to meet families but we charge for our gas and hotel stay (if needed).  We are located 3 hours from Chicago IL, Des Moines IA, Madison WI.  

Below are the places that we will deliver to and cost:

Dekalb IL- $100.00
Chicago IL- $250 if hotel is needed- this can normally be split between several families.  
Madison WI- $250
Mason City IA- $250
Des Moines IA- $250
Kansas City- $450 
St. Louis- $450 
Minneapolis- $450