Past Puppies
Just a quick note to tell you that Buster is such a good day and what a sweetheart he is.  He loves people and other dogs no matter what their size.  He weighs about 12 pounds now and is healthy and happy.  He is a mama boy and loves to ride in the car.


Hi Sarah,
I will definitely send pictures once I figure out the cutest ones. We are loving the puppy! We renamed her Sophie because she had a very wise face and "Sophia" means wise. She passed her obedience training and we can use hand signals to get her to sit, stay, down, come. Occasionally she will roll over but we're working on that :) She is crated during the day when everyone is at school but sleeps with the boys at night. Our next door neighbors got a puppy about a week after we did and they are fast friends. Hope all is well and I will send some pics

Hi Sarah!
Jack has been such a great little addition to our family.  He's been such a joy for us to have.  We had a fence installed at the end of May and Jack really enjoys being able to play outside without Mom and Dad (us) constantly watching him.  He also loves going up to my parents farm- he loves to jump into their pond and creeks. 

Jack loves to play fetch, go for walks/runs, do tricks (sit, shake, roll over ,etc.), and eat McDonald's ice cream. :)  We get so many compliments on Jack- his "real" mom and dad would be proud. 

Brian and I were talking- would it be possible for Jack to meet any of his siblings?  If I remember correctly, I think one of his siblings went to someone in Indy? If not, we understand.

We would love to be a reference!  We've been VERY happy with Jack.  He's been a cute, bundle of joy! I'll send pictures soon. 

Thank you,
Brian and Nina

Hi Sarah,

We purchased "Candy" from you in October 2008. We actually changed her name to Sophie and she is doing excellent!

We absolutely love having her and I must say, she is spoiled rotten :-)  My husband, Craig, and I work everyday during the week so we drop her off at my mother's house (she does not work) and has two little dogs as well (Bichon and Cockapoo). She plays all day with them and then when we get home in the afternoon, she is still ready to play. I remember when we bought her last year you said that she was very "energetic"...that is still VERY much true! We take her on 2 1/2 mile walks almost everyday and she is still ready to play ball upon our return!!!

I have included various photos of Sophie--you can use them on your website if you wish. She is an absolute joy and we cannot imagine our lives without her. I must say that everyone always stops us and asks all about her because of her beautiful chocolate brown coat...I have given out your company website many times as they are always interested. One thing I must tell you is she has the perfect temperament. Loves to play, cuddle, and has done fantastic at obedience school.

Let me know if you receive our email as I know you mentioned sometimes you don't receive them.

Thanks so much!

Hi Sarah.
Sorry I haven't kept in touch. We now have a College Freshman and two Juniors in High School. We named our puppy Gerty, short for Gertrude. She is doing wonderful. She has fit in to our family great. Gerty loves to play with Mocha our 11 year old Chocolate Lab. Mocha is very patient with her new little sister. Gerty also likes to chase our cat Tuxedo around the house. Tuxedo is de clawed so he just hisses at Gerty a lot even though he is the one to instigate the chase most of the times. Gerty is full of energy and Kennel trained. She loves to play with tennis balls with Mocha. Unlike our Lab who likes to play keep away Gerty will bring the ball back to you and want you to throw it again. We also have a pool and we have a cover on it during the winter. She loves to run across the cover. It looks like she is playing on a trampoline. The girls and all their friends just love Gerty. I get a little jealous because I think Gerty is a little partial to Bob. I get my time with her though she loves a bath and blow dry. Gerty loves to lay there why I brush her. Again I apologize for not staying in touch. Take care.

Hi Sarah,

I was going to try and get some pictures to you soon - but since you e-mailed me I guess now would be a good time! Simra is doing great - she is almost 8 months now and I can't believe it! I took her to puppy training classes this summer so she is very well behaved. She is doing great with me in my apartment because there are a lot of other dogs for her to run around and play with outside. It snowed here in Nebraska and accumulated to about 3 inches - the first time she saw snow and she was very confused! I recently made a trip to Iowa City and had to leave her in a puppy daycare called "Camp Bow Wow" for two days and one night and the staff loved her. It is nice to know that other people think she is well-behaved and happy as well. I have attached a few photos so that you can see what she looks like now. She has not been weighed at the vet since I got her spayed, but she was a little over 8 pounds then (back at the beginning of September). I would guess that she is about 10 pounds right now. I'm thinking she probably won't get much bigger since she was the second smallest in her litter. Anyway, there are a few pictures from her graduation, a picture of when I got her spayed (they told me to put her in a onesie because that wouldn't bother her as much as a cone on her head), a picture of her sitting and "shaking," and finally a picture of us together. Thank you for this great little friend!


Hi Sarah
Ben (aka Blaze) is doing great. He's the best little guy! He just healed last week from getting fixed and the collar they gave him matted his fur in places, so I had to give him a teddy bear cut.
He was totally house trained within 2 months and is so smart - he learned "off" and "sit" and "down" within the first couple of months I had him. He's been so easy I haven't even taken him to training classes. He and Dex (my other dog) are inseparable. They love to play and can go for hours. I take them to the dog parks twice a week and Benny loves it there. Just this weekend I've let him start sleeping in the bed with me at night. It's his favorite place and so far he's been an angel. He likes to cuddle a lot. I really believe I was blessed with him - who he is and when he came. You might remember I lost my Gizmo in January, and you gave me Ben in May. Well, in July, I lost my Grandmother to whom I was very close. Having Ben and watching him and Dex really got me through this difficult year. He has surpassed all my hopes. Thank you so much for bringing him into this world.
I am traveling this week, but will make a note to send you pix. I have some of hairy Ben (which I like the best) and I'll have to take some of naked Ben.
Hi Sarah!
Lucy is PERFECT!!! wayyyy too cute..I almost want another one...I see U have her twin left! Hahahha
we went to the vet last Friday and everything was perfect...I put her health guarantee in the mail today actually!
We also go to the vet tomorrow for her next shots! the vet was SO IMPRESSED with her...said how perfect
she was and said I have an amazing dog..and showed her off to everyone there... :)
here's a few pics...she is getting big!



Sorry this is such a delayed response--it has been a crazy month.  We love our puppy Teddy.  She is doing very well and is a delightful member of the family.  She is small--approximate 10 lbs and has not shed at all (we have yet to find one single dog hair in the 4 months that we have owned her).  She is an amazing jumper and has managed to jump all the way onto our kitchen island which stands three feet off the ground.  She can also jump right over the baby gates we have set up.  She did great in her puppy kindergarten class and LOVED agility training.  She is patient with the children especially our 3 year-old who is sometimes NOT too gentle with Teddy.  In short we really love her.  I would say our only rough patch is that she is still not fully house-trained.  She still goes on our sunporch if it is cold out or we are not keeping an eagle eye on her.  She does really well in her crate and slept through the night almost from the start.  Hopefully the house trained will improve.  She just doesn't seem to let us know when she needs to go out.

I'd be happy to tell others about our experience with Teddy.  Hope you and your family are doing well.

Take good care,
These are pictures of Peaches from last July.  She came to us in Naples FL in Sept 2008.  She is the sweetest dog ever.  She's smart, loving, funny and has such a wonderful disposition.  She is such a joy to have around.  She is a wonderful pet.  Her kennel name was Charlotte.
Should we ever want another puppy we wouldn't hesitate to contact you.
Mike and Jina

Dear Sarah -
Here is a picture of Truffles taken Last 4th of July - She was  5 1/2 months then.  She is just a ball of soft brown fur. Kept the holiday neckerchief on so we could tell which end was the front. In the beginning we thought we missed named her and should have called her 'Troubles', She was the star of puppy kindergarten and seems to learn everything very quickly. we couldn't"t be happier with her.We get compliments about her everywhere we go and especially about her beautiful soft coat..we just love snuggling with her.. thanks again
                               Jim and Carol
Callie Jo

Just wanted you to know that Callie is doing great.  She’s 8 pounds now.  She and Annie are playing together a little more.  Callie just chases her around the house and then goes under something that Annie can’t get to.  They do that until they are both just tuckered out.   It’s hilarious.  She sleeps in her kennel next to our bed all night.  We’re still working on the crate training, but she’s getting better.  We still love her to death and are spoiling her rotten.  I thought I would send some new pictures.