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Snuggle Puppy

 Real feel “pulsing” heart beat and warmer packs they are sure to make a difference for your pet too. Loneliness, fear (car ride, thunder) and anxiety are just a few the concerns virtually eliminated with use of our products. 

Below is the Snuggle Puppy website

They can also be bought at PetSmart and sent to me in advance.   We will place it with your puppy in his crate and make sure it has his/her momma’s scent on him.  

Doggy bed- 

A comfortable doggy bed will give your pouch a place besides the couch to park it at night and when you’re out.   Just remember that it needs to be snugly as you puppy will have left its brothers and sisters and will feel lonely.   A hot water bottle is useful to fill with warm water and place in a pillowcase in the bed.  Your puppy will snuggle up to.
We always use Travel crates for our puppies and adult dogs.  It gives them a den feeling.  This is a link to the crates we use but you can find them anywhere.  For our puppies we use the x-small crate 20"L x 13"W x 11"H.  This will only last a month or two.  As an adult you will need a Medium/Intermediate crate around this size: 28"L x 20.5"W x 21.5"H.

Leash and Collar

You are going to need a collar and Leash.  Your Puppy will not be use to a collar so she may scratch a little more when you put it on.   Your first Collar should not be an expensive one as it won't last long.    
You will need an x-small collar (like a cat collar, 3/8" x 8-12"L).   Below is an example of what we use on our puppies.  We always get adjustable collars and a 3/8 x 6 leash.

Food and doggy treats- 

We feed Purina Pro Plan Dry puppy food.   It you decide to change food do it slowly and Consult your veterinarian or dog food retailer for advice if necessary.  

Also pick up some doggy treats to reward your new puppy for good behavior.  Look for a treat that is healthy and feed in moderation.   We like Wellness, Blue, and 
Bil-Jak Puppy treats.  

Food bowl & water bowl- 

Stainless steel are great because they can go in the dishwasher and are light to pick up – downside is they slide all over the floor! Unless they have rubber bottoms.

Chew Toys

Puppies love to chew on things, better to chew on a variety of toys than your furniture and shoes.   Purchase a couple of puppy chew toys, rope, tennis balls, and rubber toys.  Have a box or tub for them and give the puppy some variety and changes every couple of days.

Puppy shampoo

We normally give our puppies a bath once or twice a week (as needed). We use Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo.  OR we will use Adam's Shampoo and than human conditioner afterwards. If your puppy has dandruff use Selsun Blue and a deep Moisturizing conditioner, leave in for 10 minutes.  Remember to clean the ears after every bath, use Q-tips.  

 Vet - 

Make sure that you are registered with a vet. 
Tell them what dog you are getting and make an appointment to have the puppy checked out on the day you take your puppy home or within 3 days.  Be sure to keep all your vaccinations up to date.

Below are links to some of the items I have for my puppies:

Exercise Pen
This is good for when you have to be at work or when you are busy at home.  This allows the puppies to have a play area without destroying your house.  We put down a layer of Pee Pads.  We would also put food, water, toys and bedding in there.   As your puppy gets older you should be able to put down only one Pee Pad or none if they will hold it.

Another option is a Midwest Puppy Play Pen.   We use these with our puppies because it keeps them clean and safe.  These PlayPens are good for puppies that wont stop going to the bathroom in there crate, it will not help with potty training.   They are also good for working families.   I would suggest either the 3x3 or 4x4 playpen.  The 2x3 is hard to break down and clean.   With the bigger size pens you can put your puppy crate with bedding in it (leave door open or take it off), toys, and food bowls.  
I have put a link below but you may be able to find it cheaper on Ebay.

We use a lot of the Pet Stages Brand toys with our puppies.  The puppies love the tab, different textures and colors.   There are many different soft chew toys.  I know Petsmart carries the whole puppy line.  

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Things you will need for your new puppy